Brady: Patriots offense is stronger on the outside

Tom Brady spoke Sunday on SiriusXM NFL Radio about the upcoming season and what he’s seen at camp so far.

When asked about his physical condition this year, Brady seemed to be pleased with how he was feeling.

bullet.gif “Yeah, I feel good and think every year as you go you become a little bit more efficient in which you do in the offseason and you figure out the things that work for you and the things that don’t necessarily work for you.”

bullet.gif “I always say that the best part of my life is playing football and having this job, so I take it very seriously and every day you wake up in the offseason and try to figure out ways to be a better football player and that is still a challenge going into my thirteenth season.”

bullet.gif “I think I’ve figured out a few things and I’m excited to see how those play out on the field.”

Brady was then asked about the newest addition to the Patriots’ offensive arsenal, Brandon Lloyd and his freakish athletic ability.

bullet.gif “I think you saw some of that today in practice too with his ability to jump and body control. He’s got great hands, a great feel out there. It has been a lot of fun being with him.”

bullet.gif “I know he’s played for a bunch of teams in the course of his career, but hopefully he settles in here and he’s here for a long time.”

The Patriots quarterback also commented on the strengths of his powerful offense — and how it’s evolving.

bullet.gif “The strength of our team was between the numbers, that’s where a lot of the passes went. If they didn’t cover us outside, we threw it out there. But when you have Aaron and Rob and Wes on the inside, it’s hard, you got three pretty good players.”

bullet.gif “Deion made plenty of catches for us out there, but in terms of the contributions made on the outside, that was our guy. Now you add Donte Stallworth, Jabar, and Brandon. I think there are some guys out there we can take advantage of some match ups.”

bullet.gif “If you cover us inside, we’re gunna throw it outside and if you cover us outside, we’re gunna throw it inside. You wanna play deep, we’re gunna throw it short. That’s good offensive football. You go out there, see what they’re doing and you go to the weak spot.”

bullet.gif “Every defense doesn’t have every single strength that a defense could have. That’s the chess game of football.”

You can find the full Sirius interview here.

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