Brady Serious As Team Preps For Jets

If Tom Brady’s mood is any indication of his teams readiness for the Jets, then Patriots fans should expect a good show on Sunday.

Brady, who is always upbeat and friendly at his weekly press gathering, was more brief and serious than usual.

When asked if he had any advice for Patriots fans — referring to the ill advised advice he had a few weeks ago when he said to start drinking early — he said “no more joking around.”

Another reporter twice asked if Brady had any response to the names that he previously has been called by Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, Brady said, “I don’t care what he says.”

Brady ended the back and forth discussion after five minutes — it usually last 10 minutes — when he was asked about Cromartie’s comments for a second time.

Bill Belichick threw around his normal number of bouquets to an opponent in complimenting the Jets even though the New Yorkers are coming off a 34-17 thrashing by the Ravens.

Former Jets Shaun Ellis and James Ihedigbo both downplayed the significance of playing their former team, showing they have embraced the Belichick way.

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