Tom Brady Hates Nickname ‘Tommy Salami’ in New ‘Funny or Die’ Under Armour Commercial (Video)

If losing is what gets Tom Brady the most riled up, his co-star in Funny or Die‘s Under Armour commercials ranks a close second. When we first saw Brady and his curly-haired companion, the quarterback’s “Boston accent” was being mocked by the Dick’s Sports employee.

In the latest installment, “Doug” introduces Brady to his girlfriend and parents as his “best friend.” Brady is given a list of terrible nicknames, including “Tommy Salami,” “Shady Brady” and “Tom-mato Soup” before eventually storming off (after stumbling into a cardboard cutout of himself).

It looks like the Patriots quarterback’s acting has improved since his first Under Armour commercial. Check it out in the video below.

Check out the video:

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