Patriots QB Tom Brady can’t find too much to complain about: “All in all, it was a fun night.”

For those thinking Rex Ryan had Tom Brady’s number, think again.  Brady blew apart Ryan’s defense last night after completing 21 of 29 passes for 326 yards and four touchdowns.
He also set an NFL record for the most consecutive home games won as a starting quarterback, with the 45-3 win over the Jets serving as Brady’s 26th straight win in a regular-season home start.
How sweet was this win?
”It was great. I thought we executed pretty well at times. It was a big win,” Brady said. ”We’re playing a damn good team, but it was one win. There are obviously many more big games for us here down the stretch (and) none bigger than Chicago this week, so I think we’ve got to move on pretty quick . . . . (but) it was a good job by us tonight to come in here and play well.”
Brady talked about the significance of beating the Jets, with both teams entering the game at 9-2, and the Pats having lost the first meeting at the New Meadowlands Week 2.
”Well, we couldn’t afford to lose to them again. You can’t lose to the same team twice,” Brady said. ”I don’t think it’s happened here very often since I got here in 2000. If you want to win your division, which is our goal, you can’t lose to the same team twice. This is a team that’s 9-2 that’s playing pretty good football, and it wasn’t their day; it was our day. We made some plays, but we may see them again.”
Brady gave credit to his defense for creating turnovers, and really downplayed the blowout nature of the game, which isn’t all that surprising. He did though, admit it was fun.
”Well, we made some important plays out there. I think we made a couple fourth downs that were really important. We got some big third downs that were important. We got some situational plays that came up that we did a good job taking advantage of,” he said. ”But it wasn’t perfect out there. I think there were a few plays we can definitely do better on. Communication within the whole offense needs to continue to improve, but all in all, it was a fun night. It was fun to be a New England Patriot on Tedy Bruschi night, I’ll tell you that.”

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