Tom Brady fans flood Patriots training camp

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FOXBORO — Vocal support for Tom Brady filled the Gillette Stadium practice fields today as fans wrestled for a spot to get as close as possible to the Patriots quarterback in their first chance to support him in person since the NFL upheld his four-game suspension on Tuesday.

“I’m not mad at him,” said Molly Ferguson, an 18-year-old from Abington. “I feel like every other fan base is mad at him.”

One such fan base — the New York Jets — were represented by a plane that flew over the practice field where the Patriots were holding their first traning camp session of the 2015 season. The plane flew a banner that read: “Cheaters look up @JetsFanMedia”.

But back on the sidelines, Patriots fans were overwhelmingly supportive of Brady, the focal point of the Deflategate controversy. They also gave Patriots owner Robert Kraft a huge ovation when he walked on the field.

“I think Patriots fans will get behind him even more,” said Craig Lethbridge, 27, of Brady. “People who aren’t supporters of Tom Brady will use this as more ammunition to put a mark on his career.”

Lethbridge came down from Ottawa to vacation in Maine, and when he noticed his time off coincided with the first day of open practices, he decided to make the two-hour-plus drive this morning to stand in the near-90-degree weather in his Tom Brady jersey.

“I think he’s going to be more fired up and you will see a lot of intensity from him,” Lethbridge said.

Adam Shewcov, 30, walked around with his 4-year-old son, Brayden, on his shoulders. Shewcov said he wanted to name his son Brady, but was vetoed in his attempts. The Millville native hasn’t wavered in his support for Brady.

“I definitely support him. How can you not support the guy?” he said. “I feel like the NFL is kind of jabbing him with the whole cell phone thing. It’s kind of BS if you ask me.”

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