Tom Brady Plays a Game of Invisible Football in His New UGG Commercial

Another football season, another UGG commercial featuring none other than New England’s own prized quarterback Tom Brady. Thankfully, this year’s advertisements are focused more on his football skills and less on his feet. We didn’t even know we were looking at Tom Brady last year, until he was awkwardly playing fetch with a random dog. Just try and hold his gaze at the very end of the commercial without laughing. This year’s commercial is called “Invisible Game,” and shows a young fan screaming, “Tom! Catch!” in an airport terminal. Tom responds by, of course, catching the invisible football, and mouthing something of the “Wanna Go?”/“Let’s Do This” variety.

An imaginary football game breaks out and, while we don’t want to give away the ending, let’s just say Brady gets excited. I have to admit, after comparing the two videos, this year’s takes the pigskin, primarily because of Brady’s hair. I’ve always been a fan of the more clean-cut look and that sweater has Gisele’s name all over it. Plus, you honestly can’t look at that first video and tell me you’re not confused. As much as I wouldn’t mind locking eyes with Brady, his head bops at the end are more laughable than loving.

UGG has also installed a giant billboard of Brady on the building across the street from New York’s Madison Square Garden, according to ESPN, who reports it’s 88 feet wide and 225 feet tall. I’m sure New York Giants fans will love admiring the billboard every day on their morning commute. Now, just when are we going to get one of those here, though? I mean, I’ve already picked out my favorite Tom Brady/UGG photos.

Should be easy, right? Wouldn’t you want to see these every morning on your stroll past North Station?

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