Tom Brady targets Jets: ‘One we gotta get’

A day later than usual, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hopped onto WEEI Radio to talk with the hosts of Dennis & Callahan about outlasting the Raiders and gearing up for the Jets this week. 

Brady was told by D&C that the Jets are battling a bunch of injuries before Sunday.

“Join the club, man,” Brady said, laughing. “We’ve had plenty of injuries. Every team does. It’s football. Everybody gets riled up in Week 2 or 3, but depth is very important on every team. How a team adjusts to when players aren’t in there (is big). But they’ll be ready to play. 

They have a lot of good players. It’s going to be a fun game. … This is one we gotta go get.”

Here’s what else Brady had to say: 

On how he thinks the Jets will play him:“They have their style of play and what they think they need to do to stop us. We’ve had five games against that defense in particular, and every game has a few tweaks. There are some over-riding themes you see over the course of five games, and we’ll try to figure out what they’re going to do. They’re a game-plan defense. And whatever they feel like they need to do based on how they evaluate our offense, that’s what they’ll try to take away. We’ll see if they can do that.” 

On whether Jets CB Darrelle Revis will be on Wes Welker: “I don’t know. It all depends on what they want to do. In the playoff game, there were certain times Revis went to Deion (Branch), but you never know. But it really doesn’t matter, because they gotta cover everybody. If Wes is on Revis and if Wes gets opportunities, we’ll get Wes the ball. We’re going to approach this game like we always do. We’re going to try to run the ball and stay balanced, and that’s what we try to do every week. We’ll see how they play us. We’ve had a week to prepare, and we’re going to need it. It’s been a long time since we played them.” 

On TE Rob Gronkowski blocking: “That’s one thing that people underestimate, because he’s a very good pass receiver. He doesn’t get credit for run-blocking at the point of attack. He’s knocking guys off the ball. That’s what tight ends are supposed to do. It’s no good to be able to just catch passes, then they treat you like a receiver. If you can control the tempo of the game running the ball, it really helps him and his opportunities in the pass game. That’s another thing to take away from the game, his run-blocking was awesome.” 

On how G Logan Mankins handled Raiders DT Richard Seymour:“Logan played a hell of a game. Our offensive line, how they were able to protect, that’s a strength. To be able to stop Tommy Kelly and Richard for the entire game, to be aggressive in the run game and in pass protection — they barely got to me. We protected. They’ve done a great job all year, and I hope they continue to do a great job. We got to keep building.” 

On whether he had his best game of the year: “I’m always trying to get us in the right play. … It’s nice when (coach Bill Belichick) compliments you, though. It was a good game for our offense. On the flight back, we really had a good understanding of what we wanted to do. And sitting on the plane, we felt like we did those things. That was very satisfying coming off a week that we lost. You realize how tough it is to win.”

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