Why Poor Weather Favors Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Chicago

Oh, the weather in Chicago at Soldier Field is frightful, but the fire of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots should melt away the disadvantage of terrible weather.
So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
The snow and wind would seem to favor the Chicago Bears, who play in these conditions all the time.
The Patriots, however, are 9-0 under Bill Belichick in games played in snow. It’s hard to forget the last game the Patriots played in such conditions: a 59-0 drubbing of the Tennessee Titans in Foxboro.
Think the snow is going to effect the passing game? Think again. In that game, Brady set an NFL record with five touchdown passes in a single quarter. Brady’s about as reliable as the mailman. Rain, sleet, snow, he’ll deliver—big time.
Bears fans may point to Soldier Field, whose grass is notoriously torn up and tough to play on, as a reason for their advantage. I would argue, however, that the field is more likely to favor no one.
In the battle of the trenches, it’s no secret that the weather favors the offensive line. Defensive linemen have a tougher time getting their footing and rush a bit slower, giving the offensive linemen time to make a read on the move and adjust accordingly.
Playing in sunny Carolina for most of his NFL career, Julius Peppers hasn’t seen too many games like this recently. He needs to have a big game if the Bears defense is even going to put up a fight against the Patriots’ top-ranked offense.
Steve Mariucci: “Offense has the advantage in snow.” Deion Sanders: “That’s not true…”
It’s no easier for the Bears to play on that field, even if they’re used to it, than it is for the Patriots. Plus, New England recently went to Heinz Field, another natural grass stadium that’s similar to Soldier Field, and laid 39 points on a tough Steelers defense.
This information, from Cold Hard Football Facts, makes me think the Patriots hold an extreme edge: Brady has a 18-2 (.900) career record in games played in snow, ice or below-freezing temperatures, making him the best cold-weather quarterback in NFL history since 1960.
Needless to say, Brady’s going to be happy tonight if he’s passing in a winter wonderland.

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